Dr. Mariah Quinn Selected as UW Health’s Chief Wellness Officer

Mariah Quinn, MD, MPH, associate professor, General Internal Medicine, has been selected as UW Health’s first Chief Wellness Officer. Dr. Quinn will be responsible for leading the vision and strategic direction for provider well-being across the health system, including the measurement of burnout and professional fulfillment of providers and the development, implementation and evaluation of well-being initiatives.

Since her appointment as the Department of Medicine’s inaugural Director of Medicine Provider Well-being in 2019, she acted as an advisor to the chair and division heads, provided education about well-being and learned the culture and needs of each division. As an associate program director in the Internal Medicine Residency, Dr. Quinn created and led a three-year curriculum focused on personal well-being and humanistic, relationship-centered care skills. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has worked with organizational stakeholders to start the UW Health Peer Support Program, and worked with a group of Department of Medicine staff to start our own internal Peer Support Program

In her role as co-chair of UW Health’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) committee’s working group on burnout and resilience, she successfully advocated for improved access and user experience with the Employee Assistance Program, contributed to the creation of the new GME parental leave policy, and performed a needs assessment of training programs on trainee needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peer support program

Above, Mariah Quinn, MD, MPH, serves water and snacks as part of the Peer Support Program.