Fellowship Match Day Brings in Some New, Some Familiar Faces

This year’s Fellowship Match Day on December 3, 2020, was a success for many of the Department of Medicine residents seeking subspecialty fellowships, and for the department’s own fellowship programs.

Interim Internal Medicine Residency Program Director Jeremy Smith, MD, expressed his excitement and confidence for the residents in their future endeavors. “We were thrilled to see so many of our residents obtain outstanding fellowship positions at competitive programs across the country, and particularly pleased to have so many stay local. We know these outstanding young professionals will deliver top-notch clinical care to patients, educate residents and students, conduct ground-breaking research, and shine in their respective programs,” he said.

Here are all of our residents who matched, their subspecialties, and their fellowship institutions:

  • Apoorva Anandan, MD; Hematology/Oncology; UW-Madison
  • Lauren Banaszak, MD; Hematology/Oncology; UW-Madison
  • Naga Dharmavaram, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; UW-Madison
  • Sarah Donohue, MD; Rheumatology; UW-Madison
  • Katie Fell, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; University of Michigan
  • Mark Frommelt, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; University of Iowa
  • James Halsey, MD; Infectious Disease; UW-Madison
  • Dana Ley, MD; Gastroenterology; UW-Madison
  • Jennifer Li, MD; Allergy; Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Anatoliy Nechyporenko, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Johanna Poterala, MD; Hematology/Oncology; UW-Madison
  • Stephanie Pritzl, MD; Hematology/Oncology; Mayo Clinic
  • Tim Rowe, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Northwestern University
  • Corey Sadd, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; UW-Madison
  • Ryan Smith, MD; Gastroenterology; UW-Madison
  • Amy Taylor, MD; Hematology/Oncology; UW-Madison
  • Matt Weiss, MD; Gastroenterology; UW-Madison
  • Salwa Zahalka, MD; Endocrinology; University of Colorado-Denver
  • Cydney Zeman, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; UW-Madison

How the Match Works

Organized by the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®), the Medical Specialties Matching Program (MSMP) encompasses 14 internal medicine subspecialties and four sub-subspecialties.

Applicants digitally submit their profiles and rank their preferences of available positions. After reviewing applications, program directors also submit their rank order of candidates. The NRMP algorithm then “matches” applicants to programs. 

The process is designed to fill approximately 5,734 fellowship openings in the United States—the largest number in the NRMP’s history, according to an NRMP press release

Department of Medicine to Welcome 35 New Fellows

The Department of Medicine will welcome 35 new trainees into its fellowship programs, including 12 internal medicine residency alumni.

This year’s match looked a bit differently than the past with most of the process done virtually.

“Our fellowship programs very quickly developed virtual recruitment strategies this year, and we are very happy with outcome. We have an outstanding class of trainees, including many from our own residency program,” said Vice Chair for Education Laura Zakowski, MD.




Banner photo: Chief Resident Sarah Donohue, MD, who was matched into the UW-Madison Rheumatology Fellowship. Credit: Clint Thayer/Department of Medicine

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